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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Is Globalization Really Necessary

Points to be known:-
  • Some world historians attach globalization big bang' significance to 1492 (Christopher Colombus stumbles on the Americas in search of spices) and 1498 (Vasco da Gama makes an end run around Africa and snatches monopoly rents away from the Arab and Venetian spice traders).
In Favor:-
  • Through Globalization developing countries can become developed countries.
  • We can share technologies and inventions.
  • We can sell our products all over the world.
  • India has resources of skilled manpower. So through globalization other countries invests money in India. And by that our economy increases.
  • We can share the medical inversions which helps the patients of dangerous diseases.
  • We can exchange resources such as petrol, coal etc.
  • People are communicating with the world through their own languages as we can translate everything to our own language. So, their mother tongue will survive.
  • We can study fantastic books of foreign authors. 
In Against:-
  • Through globalization, poor becomes poorer.
  • There is a chance of culture.
  • Non-globalized human societies will become extinct species.
  • There may be a chance of forgetting their own mother tongue.
  • Diseases like swine flu are spreading to other countries through the travelers.
  • Due to Globalization unemployment may increases. For example, The people of USA are facing unemployment, because so many people of different countries from all over the world are migrating to USA and doing jobs there.
            There are more advantages compared to disadvantages. Nothing is perfect in this world. So we should see the positive side. In today's world Globalization is necessary.

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